Today I decided to move two of my Puppet modules, danzilio/letsencrypt and danzilio/virtualbox, to Vox Pupuli. I have not been able to provide the attention that these modules need and deserve. I’ve let a number of important pull requests go stale, and I haven’t actually used these modules myself in quite a while. I know a number of users depend on these modules in their environments, and the right thing to do was to give them up.

If you’re not familiar with Vox Pupuli, it is a community of module authors and Puppet users who collectively maintain a growing number of Puppet modules. Vox Pupuli is a group of very talented and passionate folks, I know these modules are in very good hands with them. If you have a PR open on these modules, please feel free to join the Vox Pupuli folks in #voxpupuli on Freenode or Slack. I will do my best to help ease the transition and shepherd existing PRs as best I can.