• Hello World

    For some reason I’ve decided to start a blog. It seems like it’s the cool thing for IT nerds to do now. I’m hoping that eventually this blog will help someone out there. I guess this is my attempt to give back to the community. Here goes!

    What am I going to write about? This is a very good question. I feel like I should’ve hashed this out more before signing up for a WordPress account. I think I want to write a lot about Puppet and other DevOppy tools. I also want to talk about the organizational and interpersonal challenges of transitioning to DevOps. Don’t get me wrong, this blog is going to be ver y much a tech blog, but I want to help people make the case for DevOps. I want people to know what they’re walking into when they set out to change the culture in their organization.

    I’m also looking to use this blog as a sort of living documentation repository. I’ll post quick tips or code snippets that I think are helpful. Comments are very much welcome!